Saturday, November 11, 2017

Heavenly Wishes

Sending a Happy Veteran's Day wish to my dad in Heaven. He was in the Army and, even though I was very young, I have memories of going to the barracks in Fort Knox, Kentucky and watching him train from behind a fence. After his service, he spent most of his life being a hard working carpenter. He could build anything by hand, I think. He picked out my name (my mom wanted Amber Dawn) and is the one that gave me my first puppy, Hondu. He asked me to go get something from his work van and, to my surprise, there was my very first 4-legged love. Thanks, dad. You started a life long obsession for me. Hope you're resting in peace and that you get a few scoops (or the whole gallon) of butter pecan ice cream today. 

Wishing my mom a Happy Birthday in Heaven (November 10). She would have been 64. I know she's around me all the time. I'd like to thank her for not doing anything paranormal to scare the crap out of me! She was 16 when I was born, so we grew up together. She loved dogs, Tahoe, Thanksgiving, a fresh snowfall, lighthouses, Santa Cruz, American Idol, music and cookies. She was a red-headed spit fire Scorpio female. Sometimes, like yesterday (her actual birthday), I see someone who looks or resembles or feels like her (or all three) and in those times, I feel like it's her way of showing me that she's still with me. I try so hard to resist the urge to go to that person and hug them as tightly as I can. Other times, I blur my eyes and pretend, just for a moment, that it is my mom and she's not gone. I miss her laugh, her beautiful eyes, her Kentucky phrases, her sense of humor, her touch and our long talks. Up until the end, I still laid in her lap and she played with my hair. 

My beautiful friend, Christine, died this past January, after a very quick battle with cancer. I hope that my mom welcomed her to heaven and they became fast friends, because I feel like, together, they would rule the clouds. :)

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